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Unique in the world, the Institut Restellini is a pioneer in the contribution of the most advanced technologies to the field of art history, and of documentation, by combining the scientific methods with the traditional stylistic and historical analysis.

The Institut Restellini has as its vocation – in total and absolute independence from the art market – to work alongside the best scientists, on any work of art, and not only on works by Modigliani. 

In order to achieve that goal, it closely collaborates with the SGS laboratory in Geneva, and thus performs complete research for any work of art: be it ancient, modern or contemporary. While integrating the latest scientific techniques, it is able to produce most scientifically accomplished catalogues raisonnés.

Innovative and even revolutionary techniques

Complete scientific analysis thanks to integrated digital imagery.

The integration of electronic components, directly associating the work to all of its corpus of electronic and scientific imagery.

Traceability of the works as a means to fight the traffic and stealing of art works.

Marc Restellini

After more than 25 years’ experience in the field of catalogues raisonnés, scientific analysis of art works and documentary research in Art History, Marc Restellini is adding a new string to his bow by creating his own Institute for Scientific and Documentary Research in Art History:
The Institut Restellini

While being a main contributor – during the past two decades – to the world of culture, of museums and of successful exhibitions, Marc Restellini has also been a major pioneer in the scientific area of Art History. First of all during his studies, when he elaborated, as early as in his Master’s thesis, a catalogue raisonné based on the most recent data processing methods, which had never before been applied to that field of human sciences..

“By imposing his own methods, he has created a new type of catalogue raisonné, whose model: the Catalogue Modigliani remains unique worldwide”
“He was the very first to set up a protocol of comparative pigmentary analysis for the production of a paintings catalogue”

He then created in Paris I – Panthéon – Sorbonne, under the impulse of Professor Marc Le Bot, a postgraduate seminar of methodology in Art History, in order to link data processing to the doctoral students’ research. He oversaw that seminar in conjunction with the CNRS (represented by Professor Levaillant) to set up the teaching of the methodologies, which he had himself developed for his own research. 

He was once again a pioneer when he decided, in 1997, on Daniel Wildenstein’s invitation, to devote himself to the elaboration of Amedeo Modigliani’s catalogue raisonné, imposing new scientific criteria never before utilized in the field of research on works of art. By imposing his own methods, he has created a new type of catalogue raisonné, whose model: the Catalogue Modigliani remains unique worldwide: with its 600 scientific files on the whole of Modigliani’s corpus (genuine and fakes) and systematic analyses for each work, Marc Restellini created a unique comparative calibration, which he associated to a systematic usage of every new technology as soon as it appeared. He was thus the very first to set up a protocol of comparative pigmentary analysis, for the elaboration of a paintings catalogue. He is also the first to use magnetic resonance, for a non-intrusive pigmentary analysis. He was the first to systematize, for a catalogue of art works, the use of infra-red plates and, later on, the first to employ innovative methods like the digital processes of “fake colors”, providing very effective results.

The Institut Restellini can offer a due diligence report, which summarizes the results of scientific analysis together with the expert’s opinion, as a complete updated record on each work:

Technical examination report
(analysis of the medium and technique)

Stylistic comparative

(history, exhibitions, literature)

of the study


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